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LED lamps become more and more popular nowadays. That is because these small LEDs are economic, have a very long life span and give a good light. They can be found in more and more devices like grow lights for plants or in particularly powerful bike lights, for example.

This page is there to inform and give advice of a lot of different products. Costumers who are especially interested in the LED technology, get useful information about the different fields of application. All products are extensively presented, ranging from light strips that run with LEDs to monitors or headlamps.

All features of the respective kinds of lamps are illustrated and explained including an explanation of the special usage of light-emitting diodes as in flashlights, for example. There is a huge amount of advantages and in some ways, the LED technology offers a lot of possibilities. LEDs are in any case a good choice with their economic power consumption and the long life span.

Each lamp category reveals at least three products that are compared to each other. Advantages, features and significant characteristics are made visible at a glance. Therefore, you get a quick overview of the products including information about what is important and which products are in the market at the moment.

Who wants to get any information about a particular lamp of the current year is going to get a detailed purchase advice as well as a product testing just as everybody else interested in LEDs.      

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