More safety on the bike

Concerning bike lighting, LEDs are indispensable nowadays. Who is riding a bike, especially at dawn or in the dark, needs a really good light. After all, it is about one’s own safety in traffic. It is always important to see the way in front of you, also when riding difficult areas like mountain-biking or riding in the forrest. The choice of the proper bike lamp should not be left to chance.

Two factors decisively determine the quality. On the one hand, it is the light output of the lamp. The produced light needs to be adequately bright for the respective purposes. When someone is on the way in the dark, an appropriate and intense lamp is required. On the other hand, its the battery runtime. In general: the more powerful a light is, the more power is needed by what the battery is used up faster.

The best LEDs can entirely convince in both aspects. They are especially bright as well as extremely economical in their energy consumption. In order to see and be seen perfectly on the bike, LED bike lighting is the optimal answer.


The LED Bike lights comparison Sigma Sport, TaoTronics and Sigma Sport

Sigma Sport Lighting-Set Micro Combo
Sigma Sport Lighting-Set Micro Combo
TaoTronics TT-HP007 Bike Light
TaoTronics TT-HP007 Bike Light
Sigma Sport Lightster/Cuberider II
Sigma Sport Lightster/Cuberider II
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Highway traffic act license
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Small Sigma Sport Lighting-Set Micro Combo

Sigma Sport Lighting-Set Micro Combo - LED-Bike light product image
Batteries included
Highway traffic act license
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The set consists of two small lights – a white one and a red one. The usage as a bike lamp for the front and for the back is therefore obvious. However, the lamps are not licensed for highway traffic acts, hence, not officially suitable for the usage in traffic. It depends on the intended purpose and also on the personal requirement from the product.

The micro-lights weigh each 20 gram and are delivered with a loop and an adjustable adhesive strap per item. So, they can also be attached on thicker and slimmer objects. They also suit an arm so that they can also be worn while running. Two CR 2032-batteries per lamp are included in the set and can be changed without tools. The burning time of the lamps is indicated with up to 50 hours. The lamps have a blinking mode that provides a better visibility. A special lens is there to be better seen from the side. The operation happens through a switch in the middle of the upper side.

Sigma Sport LED Micro-Lights summarized

  • Flexible possibilities to attach
  • Protection against splashing water

Versatile TaoTronics TT-HP007 Bike Light

TaoTronics TT-HP007 Bike Light - LED-Bike light product image
Batteries included
Highway traffic act license
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This bike light by TaoTronics is a very compact and versatile model with its 3.4 x 1.1 x 1.9 inches and a weight of 0.24 pounds. It consists of two pieces, the bike light and the LED tail light. The packaging also includes a USB charging cable and a user guide. In order to shine at full brightness, a USB rechargeable battery is required. Once recharged with any USB charger or port, the light is able to shine up to three, 4.5 or six hours, depending on the mode – strong, flashing or soft. Additionally, it has a low-battery indicator.

This bike light is able to perfectly light a path with its 700 lumens, no matter where you’re going. It can shine up to 164 feet. It can also be used in any weather conditions due to its water resistance and also being dustproof and weatherproof. Furthermore, the light has a versatile usage. Due to its adjustable mounts, it can be mounted on most bike handlebars and cycle helmets. But it can also be used as a standalone flashlight or an emergency light.

Customers have a little critique, though. Several complained about the touch button being too sensitive. It would accidentally switch on when it’s in the backpack. That would not only cause a low battery but also a heating up and a burning on the hands touching it.

TaoTronics LED Adjustable Bike Light summarized

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09 / 2017
  • Versatile possibilities to use
  • Low weight
  • Shines up to 164 feet
  • Weatherproof
  • Too sensitive touch button

Bright Sigma Sport Lightster/Cuberider II

Sigma Sport Lightster/Cuberider II - LED-Bike light product image
Batteries included
Highway traffic act license
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When purchasing the set by Sigma, everybody can ride right away because it includes everything what cyclists need in order to move around in the dark. The main product has a bright front light, the Lightster. The back light was also taken into consideration – therefore, the Cuberider II is intended that includes five LEDs. Two AAA-batteries, four accumulators and a charger belong to the scope. Every cyclist is perfectly equipped with this set for traffic as the highway traffic act of this LED bike light confirms. The frontal and lateral radiating light ensures that someone cannot be overlooked.

The installation is easy and can be performed without any tools. The light can be attached by a click fixture and can easily be removed again. In order to prevent any slipping of the light, it is equipped with special pads. The most important thing is obviously irradiance. With its 20 lux, the front light shines very bright. The burning time of the Lightster model is about 20 hours. The time of the back light is about 60 hours.

Sigma Sport LED Complete set summarized

  • Suitable for traffic according to traffic regulations
  • Especially bright with modern LED technology
  • Even illumination

Frequently Asked Questions about Bike lights

Which lamps are recommended? Halogen or LED?

Vorteile gegenüber Glühlampen

That is a matter of taste…and thus the answer. Halogen as well as LED bike lights have their benefits towards the dynamo. Even in their basic features, these lamps don’t differ. It is said that LED lamps provide a stronger luminosity. LEDs seem to beat halogen lamps also in their batterie power. Halogen lamps need full batterie power for a good view and light. When the batterie decreases, so does the light output of the halogen bike lights.

How many lux are reasonable on a bike light?

Betriebsdauer LED

The lighting on a bike are measured in lux. It is indicated how much light is on a surface, and how strong and bright this surface is illuminated. As the lux number is in connection with the illuminated surface, there is not necessarily an information of the own brightness of the bike lamp. How many lux is therefore useful on a bike light, is hard to say. Usually, 40 to 60 lux are common.

Are bike lights without a dynamo licensed for traffic?


Yes. That bike lights run with a dynamo is almost a thing of the past. Given the fact that LEDs and attachable lamps without any own help, are able to shine a rider’s way can be seen as a progress in technology. Dynamos belong to the past. But there are also LED and halogen lamps that function with the help of a dynamo. A modern combination und integration of an old technology. For all the nostalgic ones among cyclists.

Can LED bike lights also be used in the rain?


Basically yes. But the product details of the producer have to be considered because there might be differences with the models. In general, LED bike lights are waterproof and can stand a strong rain shower. Even during a storm, a thunder or with snow, it is safe to ride with LED bike lights.

Is there a law that says when a bike light is to be turned on?


Unfortunately, there is a written fixation of law. There is a law that says when riding with light and without is necessary. It is necessary to turn on the light at dawn, in the dark or when visibility conditions require it. It’s in the eye of the beholder when it’s dawning. As un unwritten guideline, one can orientate oneself whether (1) street lights are still turned on as well as (2) if more than 50% of the participants in traffic also use lights.

Strong light for a perfect view

Effective LED bike lights can already be purchased at low cost that are suitable for a lot of purposes. Just like the cheap set of two lights by Sigma Sport. The lamps are small but bright and not only useful for biking.

Due to modern LED technology, a certain brightness can be reached that other lights cannot provide. It depends on how often, at what time and where you are on the way with your bike – the bike light can’t be bright enough. In addition, it is useful to choose the lamp according to one’s own individual requirements.

It’s a huge difference whether you’re mainly riding in the forrest or on busy streets. The question is, whether the view or visibility is in the foreground. In order to be seen, a lamp with a blinking light is definitely better. Those thoughts should be the clincher when choosing an LED bike light. An optimal lamp for highest safety and an unrestricted driving pleasure can consequently be found.

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