The large review about LED Headlamps

No hands needed thanks to the LED headlamp

There is a good reason why headlamps are equipped with LEDs nowadays. In matters of duration and consumption of electricity, LEDs are more advanced than outworn light bulbs. Light-emitting diodes are small which enables a compact construction of the lamps and makes them light. Comparing a headlamp with a flashlight, no hands are required. It almost doesn’t even matter if it’s light or dark outside.

The practical lights can be applied in sports like hiking, mountaineering, jogging as well as other outdoor activities like camping. Simple but effective: the light illuminates the spot one looks at. Distanced objects need more lighting than objects nearby. That’s why there usually are several level for the brightness of different distances.

The lamp can usually also be inclined downwards. That has not only the effect that the cone of light can be angled more precisely, it also prevents blinding other people. The lamp is attached to the head with an elastic and adjustable tape. The lamp is at the same time a battery case. Thanks to the LED technology, the change of batteries is rarely required.

The LED Headlamps comparison Zweibrüder, Black Diamond, Petzl, GRDE® and Lighting EVER

5 LED Stirnlampen im Vergleich 2016

Bestseller Zweibrüder LED Lenser H7R.2 Review

LED-Lenser-H7R2-An LED-Lenser-H7R2-Rueck
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Light power 300 lumens
Range of light 160 meter
42 clients
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The LED lenser is a very popular headlamp and can almost be seen as a classic. The version presented here offers even more comfort and adjustable functions. It is more comfortable to dim and extra functions were extended. Altogether, five adjustments are possible. The headlamp is comfortable to wear due to its ergonomic shape. It doesn’t slip nor disturb performing sporty activities. With its weight of 160 gram, it is also not to heavy.

The lamp reaches a light power of 300 lumens and a maximum of light range of 160 meters when adjusted on the highest level. The headlamp is strong in its lighting as well as in its duration of lighting. It surely depends on the modes that are used but it can last up to 60 hours. The lithium ion battery is part of the scope of delivery. It is practical that there is a load indicator. A lot of positive reviews by customers speak for the quality of the LED headlamp.

Zweibrüder LED Headlamp summarized

  • Very bright light
  • Different possibilities to adjust
  • Maximum wearing comfort

All-rounder Black Diamond Spot 200 lm Review

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Light power 200 lumens
Range of light 75 meter
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This extremely light headlamp is equipped with an upper beam light mode as well as with a diffused light to illuminate surroundings. The luminance can be regulated by tipping with the fingers at the body housing so that the light is adapted to one’s own needs. When using the upper beam, the spot of high-capacity can be applied that reaches a light power of 130 lumens due to its triple power. The range of lights can be between 8 and 75 meters long depending on the level of brightness. The spot illuminates up to 70 hours using the highest level and a maximum of 200 hours using the lowest level.

There are two single power LEDs for the close range that have 16 lumens. Using this mode, the lamp illuminates up to 10 meters and up to 17 hours on the highest level, using the lowest level, it is up to 2 meters range of lights and 80 hours of duration of lighting. Furthermore, there is a red night light mode, a blinking light function and a lock function which prevents a switching on by mistake transporting the lamp.

Black Diamond LED Headlamp summarized

  • Different modes
  • Easy regulated brightness
  • Little weight

Light Petzl Headlamp Tikka Review

Petzl-Tikka-An Petzl-Tikka-Spezial
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Light power 80 lumens
Range of light 40 meter
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This headlamp by Petzl presents itself in a very light and compact way. It weighs only 85 gram (including batteries) and offers two modes: the main mode is meant for the close range and enables different adjustments. The light power has up to 20 lumens, the range of lights is up to 20 meters and offers 120 hours duration of light. The second mode has even a higher capacity that is designed for usage at shorter distances. The lamp reaches 80 lumens, illuminates 40 meters und gives light for 60 hours.

The press button is located on the head of the lamp. In order to find the lamp in the dark as well, it possesses a luminous reflector. Three AAA-batteries are required and included in the scope of delivery. The headband of this model in particular does only go around the head, other than different models. The tie can easily be shifted and is washable. The special thing about the lamp is the little weight and the long resistance and life span. The lamp received almost only good reviews and is available in different colors.

Petzl LED Compact headlamp summarized

  • Small and light
  • Expanded light cone
  • Different possibilities to adjust

Flexible GRDE® LED Headlamp GD-900GR Review

GRDE-LED-Kopflampe-An GRDE-LED-Kopflampe-Spezial
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Light power ca. 150 lumens
Range of light 80 meter
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One of the more cost-effective LED headlights on the market. Notwithstanding the low price, the lamp has some useful features. There are four different modes: a strong light, which according to the manufacturer achieves a power up to 300 lumens, but we estimate the light intensity to about 150 lumens, a weaker light, a red night vision mode and a flashing light for emergencies or to be seen better , The maximum illuminance is 80 meters.

The headlight is controlled by a switch on the top of the housing. This requires some pressure so that it is normally not accidentally pressed into the pocket. The adjustable headband runs around the head without additional tape over the head. With protection class IPX6, the lamp can be used without problems during rainy weather. Three AAA batteries are included. Without batteries, the headlamp weighs 45 grams. With a size of 6 x 3.5 x 4 centimeters it is a really compact, comfortable lamp for many outdoor activities.

GRDE® LED modern one summarized

  • Different modes
  • Good value for money
  • Keeps rainwater standing

Cheap Lighting EVER 3200001 Review

Daffodil-LEC005-An Daffodil-LEC005-Spezial
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Light power Not specified
Range of light Not specified
6797 clients
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This headlamp is a real bargain. A lot of positive costumer’s reviews show that this lamp is really convincing. There is a total of 21 LEDs. The brightness can be regulated in three modes: using full power, all LEDs illuminate, the next level provides eight and the lowest level adjustment provides only one LED. In addition to that, there is a red blinking light mode.

It is also very useful that the head of the lamp is able to bend down so that one can angle the light cone downwards to prevent blending others. The headband goes around and across the head and can be shifted easily. The head light can also be worn in the rain without worrying about any damage. Three AAA-batteries provide electrical power supply which are not included in the scope of delivery. All in all, it is a very solid and for a lot of purposes satisfactory low-priced product.

Lighting EVER LED Headlamp summarized

  • Flexible head of light
  • Attractive price
  • Stands up to rainwater

Frequently Asked Questions about Headlamps

Is a headlamp suitable for jogging in dark?

Nachts joggen gehen

A headlamp is ideal for a run in the dark in order to give a better view. Headlamps can perfectly be adjusted to every body height and are tight enough through elastic tapes to prevent percussions that occur while jogging. The attachment on the head in general is quite solid so that the light cone might not shake too much. The life span of the batteries of current models is suffice due to the economical LED technology. The luminosity as well. LEDs barely produce any waste heat so that it stays comfortable to wear on the head.

A lot of models have the ability to chose between different luminosities in order to preserve the batteries and to illuminate the surroundings ideally.

Can you run in the rain with a headlamp?


It is basically possible to wear a headlamp in the rain. The fact that the headlamp is really waterproof is essential. The ip-value is there to give a better orientation how much water the headlamp can stand. The scale ranges from the value 1 for the protection against dropping water to the point of value 8 which means that headlamps can permanently be contacted with water. A value of about ip 4 is enough for heavy rains in order to guarantee a reliable and undisturbed function of headlamps.

What is in general to be considered when purchasing a headlamp?

Checkliste für den Kauf

In order to purchase the right headlamp, it is important to consider one’s own areas of application and requests. Thereby, you can chose the right arrangements for the belts, the right light power and individual additional functions. The arrangement for the belts can consist of one or several belts. A higher amount of belts mostly provides a better stability and a more comfortable wearing. The light power is specified in lumens and should be suitable for every application. Besides, it does not have to be selected too highly. Jogging with a 50 lumens lamp is mostly satisfying. More light power has the effect of a reduced battery life span. A lot of lamps offer additional lights or an automatic dimming function. Depending on the application, it can be quite reasonable.

Where is the advantage purchasing expensive headlamps like LED lenser, for example?


Expansive headlamps distinguish from others with their equipment which provide a bigger functional range and a higher practicality. High-quality models have a particularly great light power that illuminates the surroundings lighter and more wide-ranging. This is especially helpful in areas with bad or without any background lighting. Ranges from more than 100 meters can be reached without difficulty and the luminosity is surprisingly high. The life span of batteries stays enormously high despite the strong light power. Furthermore, the lamps can be adjusted individually and the light ray can be focussed. In addition to that, the high-quality models are build particularly robust so that they can stand tough inputs, too.

Are there any specific LED lamps required for cycling, fishing or ski touring?

Angeln gehen
Basically, no specific lamps are required for these applications. Headlamps should in fact have certain features that night be helpful in every current situation. The light power is enormously important while riding a bicycling due to the fact that the speed is higher than it is while jogging. Beside the range, the quality of the lighting and the luminance are important as well. Lamps for fishing should have a certain watertightness against splashing water and be either dimmable or include a red light. This has the effect that it does not blend too heavily and does not frightens fishes off. Lamps that are meant to be used for ski touring, should not only have a high light power and a high range but should also include a resistance to cold.

Bright, light and comfortable LED headlamps

Kids with headlamps

Purchasing a LED headlamp, one should always take the intended use into consideration. It becomes important if the lamp is used for walking or running and how long the lamp will be worn. Another question is, if one needs an occasional or rather a perfect orientation in the dark while being on pathless grounds.

The wearing comfort especially is of importance. On the one hand, the weight of the lamp counts, on the other hand the adjustable headband. The Tikka-lamp by Petzl is particularly very light, for instance. Some other models have an additional tape which goes round the head. This is not a question of quality but rather of individual preference.

With regard to prices, the headlamp by Daffodil is leading. All four lamps have different adjustments. More expensive lamps can provide high quality manufactures and materials. All of these listed headlamps are suitable for diverse outdoor and free time activities. It depends which features count the most for oneself.

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