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It doesn’t matter if at work or at the office – most people spend a lot of time in front of a monitor. Different factors play a role when purchasing a monitor. The selection is huge so that the decision isn’t always easy.

Two significant features speak for an LED monitor. On the one hand, the LED technology enables a particularly flat and space-saving devices. On the other hand, the monitors reveal a high energy efficiency. The power consumption is considerably lower compared to common alternatives what treats environment with care and decreases costs in a long-term.

There’s more to it than that because a high-quality LED monitor also convinces with its performance. A perfect picture is created when the LEDs are spread out on the surface of the monitor back side. The lighting is consistent and contrasts are perfectly balanced. The reaction time is also significant. It is indicated in milliseconds (ms), which means: the smaller the better. Short reaction times don’t provide any problems concerning blurring or flickering pictures even with fast sequential pictures.

The LED Monitor comparison BenQ, Samsung and Dell

BenQ LED-Monitor GL2450HM
BenQ LED-Monitor GL2450HM
Samsung S22D300H Computer-Screen
Samsung S22D300H Computer-Screen
Dell LED-Display U2414H
Dell LED-Display U2414H
Award Bestseller Cheap Flexible
Customer reviewsNo customer reviewNo customer reviewNo customer review
Reaction time2 ms5 ms8 ms
Power42 watts22 watts16 watts
Screen size24 in.22 in.24 in.
Weight9.04 lbs5.84 lbs7.94 lbs
DetailsProduct detailProduct detailProduct detail

Bestseller BenQ LED-Monitor GL2450HM

BenQ LED-Monitor GL2450HM - LED-Monitor product image
Reaction time 2 ms
Power 42 watts
Screen size 24 in.
Weight 9.04 lbs
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Due to its excellent price-performance ratio, the HDMI-Multimedia-Monitor by BenQ is very popular. With a reaction time of about two milliseconds, the monitor offers a clean picture, no matter if its to watch movies, as a PC-monitor or as a gaming screen. The Senseye-Technology with its six picture settings for movies, photos or games, is responsible for rich and natural colors. The picture quality is increased by the contrast ratio of 12 million to 1.

VGA- and power cable belong to the scope of delivery, as well as a manual. The 24 inch big monitor reflects pictures in a 16 to 9 format. Devices for HDMI, DVI-D and D-Sub offer interfaces. Furthermore, the LED monitor has integrated speakers. The flat screen by BenQ can easily be used when it’s connected to Windows 7. This device is already very energy-efficient as a LED monitor. The average annual consumption are 36 kilowatt hours. The electricity can even be saved more with the help of the Eco-Mode.

BenQ LED Multimedia-Screen summarized

  • Screen resolution: 1.920 x 1.080 Pixel (Full HD)
  • Constantly high picture quality due to a short reaction time
  • Energy efficiency class A

Cheap Samsung S22D300H Computer-Screen

Samsung S22D300H Computer-Screen - LED-Monitor product image
Reaction time 5 ms
Power 22 watts
Screen size 22 in.
Weight 5.84 lbs
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The cheapest of the three presented screens here are made by Samsung. It presents itself in a shiny black with a round pedestal. The screen can be tilted to the front and to the back. The LED monitor comes with a D-Sub-Signal cable, a power cable, a power supply as well as with a installation disk. This device has a HDMI-port but not a DVI-interface. Speakers or a port for speakers are not available. The compatibility with Windows 8 is given.

With a quite short reaction time of five milliseconds, the screen is suitable for gaming. Disturbing flickering or delays should therefore show no problems. In order to ensure a succeeded gaming experience, the device offers a special mode for realistic pictures, intensive colors and a clean image sequence. In addition to that, the Mega Dynamic Contrast creates strong black and white contrasts and bright shades. The screen resolution is 1.920 x 1.080 pixel. Image contents that don’t have a resolution in full HD can be upgraded through an adjustment called Magic Upscaling so that they reach HD quality.

Samsung LED Monitor summarized

  • Controllable Eco-Saving-Function enables up to 50% energy savings
  • Special mode for games
  • Mercury-free

Flexible Dell LED-Display U2414H

Dell LED-Display U2414H - LED-Monitor product image
Reaction time 8 ms
Power 16 watts
Screen size 24 in.
Weight 7.94 lbs
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The LED monitor by Dell is particularly flexible and movable in all directions. That model is dull black and equipped with a silver, rectangular stand and foot. It can be hight-adjusted up to 5 inches. Furthermore, the screen can randomly be tilted, twisted or swiveled. This device can be twisted up to 90 degrees to both sides. It offers optimal conditions for a desk-set-up of more than one monitor.

The dull monitor has a remarkable slim margin that offers an almost seamless picture when putting two monitors together. Therefore, the display-port-connections are used. Beside two HDMI-interfaces, the monitor offers further connection options, such as for smartphones, projectors or tablets. The designation as Ultra Sharp Monitor promises a specially high picture quality. The reaction time is eight milliseconds which is a good result. A wide viewing angle of 178 degrees enables a good view for various persons at the same time.

Dell LED Ultra Sharp Monitor summarized

  • Numerous connections like USB, Display Port, DP-Mini
  • Very high flexibility
  • Enormously thin screen frame

Find the right monitor for your personal purposes

Who wants to purchase a LED monitor, should think in advance which factors are particularly important. The intended use plays certainly an important role. Relevant criteria could, for example be: Reaction time, image technology, adjustability, connections or power consumption.

Passionate gamer should pick a device with a particularly short reaction time. Two milliseconds, just as the monitor by BenQ, are the fastest ones the market has to offer. The model Dell U2414H provides the best requirements for work with two monitors. The monitor can also convince in terms of flexibility and optics. The LED monitor by Samsung offers diverse functions like the gaming mode and is a nice allrounder for an attractive price.

A positive energy efficiency is given with all LED screens. But there are differences, too. Consumer who want to save money and electricity in the first place, should consider this aspect in particular. Purchasing a LED monitor is useful looking at the ecological and economical aspect.

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