Small, silent and economical

Projectors that run with LED lamps offer some advantages compared to conventional LCD- or DLP-projectors. In the first instance, there is the size of the devices. LED projectors are extremely compact which is practical for private use as well as for everyday working life. No more heavy or unwieldy projectors. Thanks to modern LED technology, projectors become a portable companion for presentations and lectures.

The low heat development, that is typical for LEDs, has a positive effect on projectors. Due to the low energy consumption, it is possible to let the projector run with batteries. When there’s less heat that develops, less cooling is necessary. This saves some place in the case and decreases disturbing noises which usually occur through the automatic ventilation of the device. Consequently, the best LED-projectors are small and pleasantly silent in their usage.

Projectors with LED lighting are by far more durable than other alternatives. In contrast to other projector lamps, LEDs last for a lot of years. Concerning the savings at the electricity costs, it definitely speaks for a purchase because money can effectively be saved in the long term.

The LED Projectors comparison DB Power, GooDee and CiBest

DB Power Mini-1080p-HD-Projector
DB Power Mini-1080p-HD-Projector
GooDee Home Projector
GooDee  Home Projector
CiBest GP90 LCD Projector
CiBest GP90 LCD Projector
Award Bestseller Compact Bright
Customer reviewsNo customer reviewNo customer reviewNo customer review
Weight270 g2 pounds4.8 pounds
Contrast1000 : 11000:13000:1
Native Resolution480 x 320 pixels1080 x 720 pixels1280 x 800 pixels
DetailsProduct detailProduct detailProduct detail

Bestseller DB Power Mini-1080p-HD-Projector

DB Power Mini-1080p-HD-Projector - LED-Projector product image
Weight 270 g
Contrast 1000 : 1
Native Resolution 480 x 320 pixels
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The projector by DP Power belongs to the lower price category. The device is particularly small and light and therefore easy for transportation. The producer describes his LED projector as a home cinema-projector. In fact, it can be used both at home as well as for professional purposes. The native picture resolution of 480 x 320 pixels, however doesn’t speak for a full-featured cinema-experience. Although the projector is able to show movies in full HD quality, it probably won’t be able to deliver maximum power. Apart from that, it is certainly good enough for watching movies. It depends on personal expectations and quality standards.

The mini-projector offers a very good price-performance ratio for a lot of different application areas like sport events, photos or presentations of any type. The multifunctional interface is practical for HDMI, VGA, AV, Audio Out, SD, TV and USB. A power supply, AV-cable, manual and a remote control are included in the scope of delivery. The projector is easy to handle so that the touch of a button can be changed between the 16:9 and 4:3 formats. The contrast ratio is 1000:1. The light output of the LED lamps that are used is 60 lumina.

DB Power LED Mini-Projector summarized

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The Bestseller
09 / 2017
  • Compact, low weight, transportable
  • Diverse connection possibilities
  • Technically simple, therefore fast ready for use
  • Available in different colors
  • Maybe not available anymore

Compact GooDee Home Projector

GooDee  Home Projector - LED-Projector product image
Weight 2 pounds
Contrast 1000:1
Native Resolution 1080 x 720 pixels
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This projector by GooDee is a really versatile model. It is quite small with its measures of 7.4 x 5.7 x 2.1 inches and it only weights 2 pounds. Therefore, it is very handy and portable. It can be placed almost everywhere. The scope of delivery includes the GooDee Projector, one HDMI cable, a user manual, one US power adaptor, a 3 in 1 AV cable and a remote control. The producer as well as some costumers claim that this projector in particular is the most cost-efficient high resolution LED projector that offers an HD quality. Looking at the technical facts, it can be confirmed that it offers a lot of convincing features.

The brightness of this projector is created through 1000 lumens. The native resolution is 1080 x 720 pixels but it also provides a support resolution of 1090 x 720 pixels. Its contrast is 1000:1. It is also easy to focus the image by adjusting the lens so it offers a multifunctional usage for travel, home entertainment, gaming, camping, movie nights etc.

Furthermore, the projector provides a multi-media input with which the screen is bigger and clearer via HDMI, VGA, USB, AV and SD. Also, the PC, laptop and DVD player can be connected to enjoy videos, movies, TV series or anything else. Even a Play Station (PS3, PS4 or X-Box ONE) for gaming can be connected.

The producer offers an 18 months warranty and a refund or replacement within the first 2 months if costumers are not satisfied with this product. Costumers say that this projector is easy to handle which means that the manual is not really necessary for the usage. But on the other hand, some reviews also reveal critiques. The fan, for example, is too loud so that it drowns out the actual noises. Another aspect is that the remote doesn’t cover all features that are offered. Some have to be maid at the projector itself.

All in all, the projector offers a lot of features for a low price compared to other models which is really satisfying and the price-performance ratio is also pleasing.


GooDee LED Small projector summarized

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09 / 2017
  • Multifunctional
  • Very high image resolution
  • Modern design, portable, low weight
  • Not all features controllable via remote control
  • Too loud

Bright CiBest GP90 LCD Projector

CiBest GP90 LCD Projector - LED-Projector product image
Weight 4.8 pounds
Contrast 3000:1
Native Resolution 1280 x 800 pixels
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This projector by CiBest is very bright due to its high native resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. It also has a support resolution of 1080 which enables an HD video. It illuminates with up to 3200 lumens which is brighter than other projectors. Furthermore, the LED lamp lasts up to 30.000 hours which is more than 20 years if its used less than 4 hours a day. The projector is ideal for home theater movies and video games but can also be used outside. It works best when its dark.

Especially, a big screen experience is usually desired. A big screen of 35-180 inches with a distance of 1.2 – 5.5 m can be created. The projector is equipped with HIFI level stereo speakers. They enable a stereo audio performance with an SRS sound, the best sound technology. The projector has multiple inputs like a dual HDMI, VGA, Dual USB and AV for music, videos, pictures and txt. It can also be connected to the PC, a laptop, a mobile phone or a DVD player. Additionally, a Play Station (PS3, PS4 or X-Box 360 or X-Box ONE) can be connected via HDMI port to the projector. That is why the scope of delivery also includes a power cable, an IR remote control, a VGA cable, a lens cap, an AV cable, an HDMI cable and a user manual.

The producer also guarantees a one year warranty. According to reviews made by costumers, this projector in particular is quieter than other projectors which is important for the whole usage. But the sound itself seems to be a bit quiet as well. People recommend to add some speakers to it.

CiBest LED Bright projector summarized

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The Bright
09 / 2017
  • Very bright
  • More quiet fan than other projectors
  • SRS sound
  • Speakers a bit too quiet

LED projector in every price category

The application areas of projectors vary as well as the big price range of the devices does. It depends on what the purposes are and how often it is used. Purchasing cheaper models, one should adapt ones expectations to the price. There will definitely be no full HD cinematic experience for about 100 dollars. But there is still a good device for that price.

The mini-projector by DB is satisfactory for a lot of purposes for this unbeatable price. Who is looking for something better concerning the picture quality and who wants to convert the living room into a home theater, should dig deeper into his pocket. A good all-rounder ist the model by GooDee. It includes multifunctional features. Who is looking for a brighter model, should pick the model by CiBest. This one has the highest native resolution.

Whether for occasional or daily usage, at work, in school or at home – there is a suitable product for every demand and every purse. All LED projector offer the advantage of being compact, economical and efficient, no matter the price or power.

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