Handy and incredibly bright

Small but powerful – used in flashlights, LEDs function miraculously. A lot of things that were quite annoying years ago, are trouble-free nowadays. Light efficiency of lamps was often low in the past. A small lamp was in fact able to put some light in the dark but the power was rather disappointing. If more light was needed, a bigger light was required what had the effect that the concept of the handiness was not given anymore.

Back then, flashlights were so inefficient with their conventional light bulbs that the constant change of batteries was necessary. On the one hand it is annoying when the luminance ceases and you find yourself in the dark, on the other hand it gets costly and is rather environmentally unfriendly. These problems are a thing of the past since LED flashlights came up. Thanks to the light-emitting diode, the products are light, economical, robust and long-lasting. 

There are huge differences with the power, size and price as well as with the field of application of the practical lamps. It’s worth comparing the best products with each other before buying them. A high-quality LED flashlight will last for years even when used very often.

The LED Flashlights comparison J5 Tactical , Zweibrüder and Nitecore

Low-budget J5 Tactical J5 Tactical V1-PRO

J5 Tactical  J5 Tactical V1-PRO - LED-Flashlight product image
Light power 300 lumens
Weight 229 g
Batteries included
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This very small but efficient flashlight by J5 Tactical is a very good alternative to expensive ones. With its 300 lumens, it gives a very bright light by using only one AA battery which is an uncommon but good feature for flashlights. The producer even guarantees more than a solid hour of bright light. This flashlight has a program with three modes, namely high, low and strobe. Turning the flashlight on, it starts with the brightest mode. It reduces the modes while pressing the button. Furthermore, it has an adjustable focus range where costumers can zoom in and out. Another good feature is that the flashlight is waterproof which enables a wider application area where it can be used.

According to some reviews by costumers, this flashlight is very handy due to the small size of it. But some also comment that there is only one switcher for all functions. In order to get to a specific mode, you have to switch through every mode. In addition to that, buyers claim that the word tactical might be misused due to the fact that the light is not bright enough. But still, it illuminates quite a range. It is also said that the flashlight is perfect for camping, hunting etc. but not a real tactical flashlight.

All in all, the flashlight is worth its money because it offers a lot of features for a small price.

J5 Tactical LED Flashlight summarized

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09 / 2017
  • Waterproof
  • Only one AA battery required
  • Not a good flood light
  • Batteries not included

Allrounder Zweibrüder Lenser P7.2 Review

Zweibrüder Lenser P7.2 - LED-Flashlight product image
Light power 320 lumens
Weight 180 g
Batteries included
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The Zweibrüder lamp presents itself in a technically sophisticated and user-friendly way. The product provides a high efficiency in its performance and satisfies in professional environments like factories or rescue services, for example.

The light power of 320 lumen reaches a high luminance. Thanks to the headlight range, even far distanced objects up to 260 meters can be made visible. So, the name High Performance of this LED light that is given is justified. Four of the AAA-batteries that are included in the scope of delivery provide the lamp with electricity. The brightness can be regulated up to 100% and 25%. Above all, the focus is adjustable with only one hand what appears very practical in everyday’s life. The producer emphasizes that the lamp is as easy as it is comfortable to handle. Due to its molded surface, the lamp can be hold good and safely in one’s hand. An extra large switch enables an easy switching-on and off even with gloves.

Zweibrüder LED Power-Lamp summarized

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The Allrounder
09 / 2017
  • Comes with a supporting loop, holm and batteries
  • Advanced Focus System
  • 50 hours duration of lighting
  • -

High-capacity Nitecore Tiny Monster NC-TM15

Nitecore Tiny Monster NC-TM15 - LED-Flashlight product image
Light power 2450 lumens
Weight 454 g
Batteries included
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The brand Nitecore provides a proper product for every professional user and everyone who demands a great deal to the power of a LED flashlight. This lamp from the Tiny-Monster-series is unmatched among rechargeable searchlights when it comes to the brightness. The reason is the brightness up to 2450 lumens. Even the lowermost level of brightness is still bright enough for a lot of purposes. This level named lower has a light power of 95 lumens and gives light up to 52 hours. There is a also a blinking light function included.

This LED-flashlight stands a lot. It is produced in a high-quality, it is resistant and waterproof up to two meters, therefore also applicable for diving. Thanks to the integrated charger, it is very uncomplicated to operate with the four 18650s batteries. Batteries are not part of the scope of delivery. Instead, there is a power pack, a charging cable and a holm. Only one switch is there for the handling. Adjustments and functions can be conducted through pushing diversely on the button.

Nitecore LED Searchlight summarized

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The High-capacity
09 / 2017
  • Extremely strong light power
  • Embedded recharger
  • Suitable for usage under water
  • Expensive

A flashlight is not just a flashlight

There are different circumstances where flashlights are of use. Above all, in some fields of work, they belong to the basic equipment. For every necessity and demand, there is a proper flashlight. Producer provide flashlights in every price range, no matter if it’s used occasionally or as a professional spotlight.

For a lot of people, a simple model is satisfying. It is not necessary to buy an expensive flashlight if it’s rarely used or when no high luminance or visual range is needed. As the Zweibrüder model reveals, the costumer purchases a great lamp for an average price but still with an impressive power.

Who is looking for a robust power-flashlight, finds it in the lamp by Nitecore, for instance. The light power leaves nothing to be desired. According to this, a product like this is more expensive than other. The LED technology enables an impressive luminance in a small lamp.

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